How To Stay Balanced In Troubled Times

By Michele Kadison

Creator of Body Activation by Michele Kadison

So much tension in the air! The media fans the flames. Facebook posts ignite more fire. We turn in all directions and are bombarded from every angle with more disconcerting news of the world, from politics to the environment.

Where do we find sanity but in each other...these millions of us who believe in humanity, ecology, and the striving for a better world. We are coming together with more strength than ever to create a voice of repudiation and a movement towards the creation of a better version of governing than ever before; one where big business and personal gain no longer figure into the equation.

On a personal level, now more than ever is the time to find physical and mental balance by releasing worry and stress through practical techniques like Body Activation, where body, mind, and spirit come together through exercises designed to release tension and give us a calmer perspective. Through healing movement and meditation protocols, we are certainly better able to handle these provocative and explosive times. Through the Body Activation technique, we create more space in the body and mind allowing us to release tension and gain a sense of inner calm. As this space expands, we can then focus on the positive...hope, love, and understanding, which are the only and true antidotes to fear. It is my belief that is through this vibration of balance and ease that we are able to change the vibration of the world.

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Body Activation is designed as a holistic practice to help you discover your body once again. A technique that comes from dance, Body Activation takes a non-static approach, guiding you to flow towards health as you master the sequence of exercises created to awaken and activate body, mind, spirit, and inner awareness. Designed to help your body move comfortably throughout daily tasks, the technique helps you understand and implement ways of movement that eliminate stress while increasing circulation.


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