Why You have an Edge Starting Your Acting Career at an Older Age

Most people will tell you that you should have started your acting career very young, maybe at age 12 even. Many will talk about how you won’t have the energy to run around when you are older and how this will impact your acting career. Others will say that you have a limited range of roles that you can perform, thanks to your age. But we say that when you decide to kick start your acting in the UK at an older age, you actually have a clear edge over everyone else. Here is how:

Life is the best teacher

Ask any accomplished and truly talented actor and they will tell you that the acting lessons they have learned from life are far, far more extensive and superior than anything they have learned in even the best acting or theatre course there is. Life experience is simply the most valuable teaching you can have and it gives you acting insights that are authentic, realistic and easily relatable to the audience. There is just no structured acting lesson that can quite mimic the vast range of emotions and experiences that your life will take you through and that you can bring to the fore on stage.

Matured decisions make smart decisions

Talk to women in acting today who have been here since their teens or even earlier and they will probably all have regrets about hasty decisions that impaired their career. Well, actors are emotional people, like all creative professionals are, and this often prompts us to make hasty decisions that may not really be in our best interests at all. If you are exploring acting in the UK at an older age, you are mature and wise in your years and less likely to make such quick decisions that may not be right for you.

Age makes you a natural

Yes, it is true that as you age you tend to feel more comfortable in your skin and consequently less conscious before the camera or before an audience. This lets you play roles more naturally, more realistically, because you are less intimidated by the public glare. You often find that older actors have a relaxed, well-settled pace to their performance that adds immensely to the impact they create on screen. This is, in part, owing to their age because through the years they have explored their own skills thoroughly and they are confident about what they are doing.

Last but not the least, there are far more young people trying to get a break in acting in the UK than older ones and that means less competition for you. So do not allow your age to become a barrier to your acting prowess or passion and turn it to your advantage instead.

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